About Me

I’m Lewis (I don't normally scowl quite as badly as that!) and I'm a Manchester-based music photographer, shooting mainly musician portraits & live concerts. I've been shooting for just over a year now, and in that time I've been incredibly fortunate, shooting some of my favourite artists prolifically all over the North of England - from small intimate venues to huge festivals. I really enjoy working with new and emerging artists, so if we click, I’ll be there!

I work with brands, websites, publications, and labels, along with a huge heap of artists and bands (both signed and unsigned!) Portrait wise I’ve been lucky to work closely with industry websites, band management, and directly with the artists themselves to deliver images for everything from album artwork, press kits, and all sorts otherwise.

If you think we could be a perfect match for your next project – shoot me an email (office@lewisburtonphotography.com)– I’d love to hear from you! I do exclusive (and stupidly good value) rates for unsigned artists, as well as for underrepresented groups in the industry. I'm available for tours, too! I can also double as a merch manager, if space is tight.

(I also make awesome coffee, badass playlists, and websites. Jack of all trades.)

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